About Me

  • Full Name:Gopal Sabhad
  • Phone:+1 647-740-5495
  • Email:gopalsabhad.gs@gmail.com
  • Website:www.gopalsabhad.com
  • Address:Toronto, ON


Introducing myself, my name is Gopal Sabhad. I’m third year Computer Science Student at Lassonde School of Engineering. In my free time, someone can find me in library or in Peer Mentor office where I was volunteering before COVID. Other than that, some of my hobbies that I would like to include is Coding, Hiking and reading books. One of my greatest strength that I believe is that I’m very enthusiast about learning new technologies whether be it a programming language or any gadgets.

YorkU Journey:

I’m from India where I grew up in boarding school (residential school) which made me disciplined and self-relied person as I was away from my family and had to take decisions on my own. It was very difficult when I had to change my boarding school as I had to leave lots of my friends and teachers with whom I had spent memorable moments of my life. While, I was in my high school, I was so fascinated by computers that I decided to pursue my career in field of Computer Science. For better opportunities and my dream of exploring the world had a huge impact on me to choose Canada for my further studies. While deciding about colleges and Universities, one my friend suggested about York University. Through my research, I found out that York is third largest University across Canada with around 54,000 students and variety of disciplines and courses to choose. Small story short, I came to Canada in fall 2017 to pursue bachelor’s degree at York university. Being persistent and focused in studies would help me to be successful at York.

My Vision as an Engineer:

During my early schooling, I developed a remarkable interest in Computers and other gadgets. The curiosity to know how those devices works developed my passion in pursuing engineering profession. As a part of it, I always gathered the information and as more I advanced, I discovered how crucial it is to provide safety of data and sensitive information. I realized that as more advanced application and software are generated, there comes the risk of hacking and stealing information associated with it. My vision is the world of technology without any risk to people’s privacy and data. Getting a bachelor’s degree in field of Computer science and Security would be my first step towards achieving my goal. My ideas and vision are uncommon as developers and coders are after creating fancy and easy to use applications, but my vision is common among those peers who knows the consequences and dangers to data safety. Before few decades, the field of computer security didn’t even exist. But nowadays, it’s one of the most demanding and high paid careers. As we see more advancements in Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning, in near future most of our tasks from household chores to rocket science, everything will be dependent on technology one way or the another. There’s a famous saying that Data is the new oil which means data is far more valuable than oil in 21st century. My ultimate goal is to contribute towards the safety of data and information of people to the best of my ability. I feel my vision is beneficial to not only a group or few stakeholders, but ultimately, it’s the question for humanity’s safety and security. Most of our important tasks are associated with mobile phones or computer from our banking, travelling to nuclear advancement of country. If we take as an example of social media, we have faced certain question regarding the data safety. Many large companies have been in trouble just because of the question of data safety. Even the government is concerned as there are very few or no laws and regulations in the constitution regarding this kind of issues. Few of the artifacts that below are the ratios of the survey conducted at Black Hat conference in Las Vegas depicting the risk of cyber threat and view by the professional. My vision of the world free of cyber threat and data safety is very inspiring to me and I hope it appeals to the world as much it appeals to me.

My Resume

  • Download My Resume

  • Experience

  • Software Developer Intern

    Constellation HomeBuilder Systems - Sept. 2020 - April 2021

    Developing the front-end and back-end of web apps using AngularJS, C#, Asp.net, Node.js and SQL that will be used by large number of clients in Home Building Industry.

  • Education

  • Bachelors Degree

    York University - 2017 - 2021

    Bachelor's in Computer Science

  • High School

    SGVP International School - 2015

    Faculty of Science

  • Projects

  • A React based web app that allows users to search their favorite artists and displays the artists name, music genre, number of followers and a 30 seconds preview of artist’s top ten tracks.

    The app works by fetching data from Spotify’s API to displays an overview of an artist.

  • Created an app to solve Linear equations by performing calculus operations such as Differentiation, Evaluation and Simplification using List, TreeSet, etc.

    Represents the equation in form of a Binary tree, performs Derivative function, and also performs basic binary operation such as rotation, insertion, deletion and sorting based on Binary Search

    Tools & Frameworks: Java, Eclipse, Data Structure Algorithm, Graphical User Interface (GUI)

  • Certificates

  • Earned “5-star badge” on HackerRank for Problem Solving and Java

  • React JS Web Development – The Essentials Bootcamp

  • Python for Data Science

  • volunteer

  • Vice-President

    Atmiya Club - August, 2019 - Current

    Inviting speakers at workshops to guide international student.

    Information sessions on study/work permit extension, PR requirements.

  • Peer-Mentor

    Vanier College at York University - October, 2019 - Current

    Introduce and assisting new students with university resources.

    Providing feedback on essays and helping them achieving academic success.

    Organizing workshops like essay writing, and career advising.

  • Volunteer

    Yogi Divine Society - Mississauga